Bremer Bay


The bay, after which the town derives its name, is believed to havebeen named by John Septimus Roe, the Surveyor General, who visited the area in 1831. It is assumed that Roe named it after James John Gordon Bremer, captain of the ‘TAMAR’ under whom he served between 1824 and 1827.

Bremer Bay was originally named Wellstead in 1951 but locals petitioned to have the town renamed to what it was locally known as, this being Bremer Bay and it was changed in 1962.



Diving along the coral reefs offer another spectacular world just under the surface. You’ll be able to see the leafy sea dragon, a rare and vulnerable relative of the sea horse. You can hire gear, fill your tanks or even take a diving course at Bremer Bay Dive and Sports.


Fishing is plentiful in Bremer Bay. On and off shore fish varieties range from herring, skippy and salmon to deeper water varieties such as nannygai, snapper, groper and a host of others. The Bremer River also provides for bream and mullet.


some of the most beautiful ‘pristine white’ beaches in the world are around Bremer Bay and most are excellent swimming spots. John Cove - a safe swimming beach and good for small children, Short Beach - deep water and good fishing, Blossoms Beach - good family beach, Native Dog - good surfing, watch the rip andPoint Ann (map ref 1) - breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes good surf.

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Whale Watching

WHALE WATCHING From July to October each year, Southern Right whales can be seen calving in the calm waters of the many sheltered bays. At times they are as close as six metres from the shore. Point Anne is one of the favourite viewing spots.

Bremer Bay Wind Turbine

BREMER BAY WIND TURBINE was commissioned in April 2005 and over a full year will provide up to 40% or Bremer Bays annual electricity requirements.

Wellstead Homestead and Museum

Wellstead Homestead and Museum, situated 3km south of Bremer Bay, it is the original settlement in the region. John Wellstead arrived in WA in 1848 with Britain’s 51st Regiment. After favourable recommendations from John Septimus Roe, John settled in Bremer Bay in 1850 and built the homestead.

The fourth generation Wellstead family still reside at the homestead, which is open to the public and includes amuseum, artefacts, outbuildings and antiques. The Shearing Shed is now fully restored with full display of shearing equipment.

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