The name Gnowangerup is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘Ngow’, meaning Malleefowl. For thousands of years, the plains around Gnowangerup were home to the Goreng Noongars, evidenced by stone implements still found along the creeks. In the mid nineteenth century, sandalwood cutters established camps in the area, but European settlement was slow until the completion of the railway line from Tambellup in 1912.


Aylmore Mineral Springs

Aylmore Mineral Springs are located along Park Road and are set amongst a beautiful picnic & BBQ area. Thehigh iron content in the water accounts for the unusual colour. The springs flow at over 2 litres per second.

Gnowangerup Historic Centre

Gnowangerup Historic Centre is located on Yougenup Road. The Centre contains displays, early photographs and a written history of the town and the district. Open by appointment AH contact 9827 1267 or 9827 1371.

Steam Tractor

Located in the front garden of the Shire Administration Building. Imported in 1889, the tractor was used to clear much of the local countryside and is a well-restored relic of an era long gone.

Ned Kelly at the Gnowangerup Hotel

View the impressive wood carving of Ned Kelly at the front of the Gnowangerup Hotel and learn the fascinating linkwith Gnowangerup, Glen Rowan and the Kelly Story.

Gnowangerup Community Park

Gnowangerup Community Park is a great place to stop and enjoy the surroundings. Built in 2009 it features a playground, BBQ and toilet facilities among beautiful gardens.

Gnowangerup Aboriginal Museum and Keeping Place

This museum was recently opened in 2014. It shows the history of the indigenous people, associated with the Mission and Stirling Range, who used the plains as hunting grounds for thousands of years.

Machinery Museum

On the corner of Strathaven and Yougenup Roads you’ll find examples of the early machinery the first settlers used to make a living for their families and bring prosperity to WA.

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Arts for Gnow

Arts for Gnow is located inside the Yougenup Centre, Yougenup Road. One off pieces of art, originating from the local hinterland, are on display in the Centre’s art gallery.

Elvis Presley Memorabilia

Elvis Presley Memorabilia at the Gnowangerup Road House. Elvis himself has been sighted here more than once. The King lives!

Malleefowl Carving

Malleefowl carving is located in the Shire Administration Building.

Community Resource Centre

The Community Resource Centre inside the Yougenup Centre offers visitors a place to come and check their email, provides services from Centrelink, Medicare, ATO, Westnet and equipment for faxing, photocopying and printing. Also located in the Yougenup Centre is the Gnowangerup & Districts Toy Library and Public Library. Temporary loaners welcome. Open 5 days per week 9827 1635.

Gnowangerup B&B9827 1278
Gnowangerup Caravan Park (no bookings after 6pm unless by prior arrangement)9827 1635
Gnowangerup Hotel9827 1013
Gnowangerup Training Centre9827 2100
Gnowangerup Hotel9727 1013
Gnowangerup IGA9827 1109
Gnowangerup Roadhouse9827 1239
Saddlers Butchers9827 1254
Shire DetailsTelephone
Shire of Gnowangerup, Yougenup Rd Gnowangerup9827 1007