Jerramungup was first recorded bySurveyor General John Septimus Roein October 1848, and derives its namefrom the aboriginal word “Jeer-a-mungup”meaning “place of upstanding yatetrees”. In 1849 the land was purchasedby Captain John Hassell and the originalstone homestead was built along theGairdner River, the property of 21, 000acres was called “Jerramongup”.

When World War Two finished, the Commonwealth and StateGovernments initiated bold and large-scale projects to repatriatethousands of Australian servicemen returning to civilian life,purchasing the original property in Jerramungup on 25 September1950.

Jerramungup was established in 1953 as a war service landsettlement and was arguably the biggest land development projectever accomplished in the western world in such a short period oftime. Jerramungup town site was gazetted 12 February 1957.



There are anumber of walk trails from 1 hour to3 hours, as well as overnight walks.You’re required to register withthe ranger if you take an overnightjourney. Most attractions can bereached on 2WD unsealed roads as well as quite a few 4WD trails.Ranger, Murray Road, Gairdner Ph: 08 9837 1022. Ranger, Quiss Rd,Jacup Ph: 08 9835 5043

Fitzgerald Biosphere Garden

Fitzgerald Biosphere Garden is located on the edge ofRoe Park, the garden beds and their major landform "Ecozones"have been organised into areas and can be accessed via windingpathways through bushland, giving you the experience of thedifferent landforms of the biosphere.

Local Native Feature Garden

Local Native Feature Garden is located at the JerramungupShire office on Vasey Street. This impressive garden showcases localnative plants and rocks.

Night Sky Tours

Night Sky Tours are held atthe Jerramungup B&B, 2km fromtown, providing the opportunityto view the stars with a 12 inchGPS track mounted telescope.Ph: 9835 1662.

Whale Watching

WHALE WATCHING during the winter months (July to November)you can see Southern Right whales from the viewing platforms atPoint Ann and along the coastline to Bremer Bay. Southern Rightwhales come into the sheltered bays for calving and can be as closeas six metres from the shore. Humpback whales can also be seenas they make their way up the and down the coast. The number ofwhales has been increasing every year since hunting ceased in the1970’s.


Wildflowers are found from August to October in and aroundthe Fitzgerald National Park. Many rare species are only foundin and around the Park, which include the Royal Hakea (Hakeavictoria) and the Quaalup Bell (Pimelia physodes).

Fitzgerald National Park

Fitzgerald National Park is situated on the edgeof Jerramungup and covers329,039 hectares. It is one of thelargest botanically significantNational Parks in Australia. It hasbeen UNESCO Biosphere Reserve-listed since 1978. This recognisesinternationally the park’s balance between conserving biologicaldiversity, promoting economic development and maintainingcultural values. The National Park has extremely diverse flora andfauna, featuring more than 1800 known species of plants, 75 ofwhich are endemic to this area. There are 22 mammal, 41 reptile,12 frog and over 200 bird species including the endangered ground
parrot, living in the park.

Hassell Homestead

The Hassell Homestead was erected in 1906 when the originalhomestead was burnt to the ground. It is currently privately ownedby one of the originating members of the crazy seven, who settledin Jerramungup with the War Service Land Settlement Schemein 1954. The Homestead can be seen north of the Gairdner RiverBridge 5km east of town on the South Coast Highway.

Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock situated on Monkey Rock Road, which turns offSouth Coast Highway 5km East of Jerramungup. Local legend has itthat an Aboriginal called Monkey used to camp near the rock andwas murdered there.

Jerramungup Tourist Centre

Jerramungup Tourist Centreis located at the JerramungupCommunity Resource Centre, 8-10Tobruk Rd Jerramungup Ph: 98351630. Open Monday to Friday9:00am – 4:00pm.

Root Pickers Hall

Root Pickers Hall opened in April 1958. So named as it waspaid for, through volunteers picking mallee roots to clear the newland development.

Roe Park

Roe Park named after Surveyor General John Septimus Roe,is located in the centre of town with playground, picnic andelectric barbeque facilities available for use by the public. Amemorial plaque to War Service Land Services Supervisor, MajorColin Cameron, can found in the south east corner of the park
commemorating, Major Cameron’s integral role overseeingthe rapid development of Jerramungup as a war service landsettlement.

Quaalup Homestead

Quaalup Homestead was built in 1958 and now serves as aguest lounge and café. There are wildflower walks, self-containedaccommodation, caravan and camping facilities. Situated 47kmfrom the South Coast Highway via Devils Creek Road in theFitzgerald River National Park.

Glentarkie Farmstay B&B9535 1006
Jerramungup B&B9835 1662
Jerramungup Caravan Park9835 1174
Jerramungup Motel9835 1011
Quaalup Homestead9537 4124
Jerramungup Hotel9835 1011
Jerramungup Roadhouse9835 1159
Tobruk Traders9835 1612
Tourist InformationTelephone
Jerramungup Community Resource Centre(08) 9835 1630
Shire DetailsTelephone
Shire of Jerramungup, Vasey St9835 1022