Nyabing was gazetted asa town in 1912 after theKatanning railway linewas extended. Centennial celebrations were held inOctober 2012. Nyabing was originally known as Nampup, after theaboriginal name given to the soak in the area.


ANZAC Memorial

Situated at the park, this area is dedicated tothe men and women who served our country. The annual ANZACDay commemoration is held here each year on 25 April, with amarch starting at the Town Hall and arriving at the park for theservice. (Insert photo – to be forwarded in the next couple of days).

Holland Track

In 1893, John Holland travelled to the Goldfieldsand this track marks his route. The track can be followed all the wayto Coolgardie.

Memorial Park and Playground

Situated in town, enjoy the park for a pleasant rest or BBQ in our recently upgraded facilities.

Nyabing Creek Nature Reserve

Nyabing Creek Nature Reserve showcases spring wildflowersand can be seen on a walk through the nature reserve. You’ll alsofind sandalwood trees, a resource which brought our originalsettlers to the area as cutters.

The Settlers Hall

The Settlers Hall was built to be used as a school and wasofficially opened in 1915. It has been moved from its originalposition on Martin St, where you’ll see a Memorial Stone, to itspresent setting. Over the years, the building served as a Hall, theKent Road Board, a school and a church.

Kwobrup Dam

If you are lucky enough, a visit here will allowyou to see wildlife including western grey kangaroo, western brushwallaby, echidna, blue tongue lizard and a huge variety of birdlife.

CBH Grain Bins

These massive white CBH Grain Bins are hardto miss, situated in the middle of the town. Thousands of tonnesof grain pass through here on the way to all parts of Australia andthe rest of the world. You’ll no doubt see grain trucks on the roadstransporting the wheat to be used for noodles, bread and otherbaked goods, canola for oil and, very importantly, barley for beer.

Don't Miss

Nyabing Inn

Nyabing Inn is open 7 days a week. Call in to this typical countrypub for a chat with the locals and a cold drink or two.

Recreational Ground

These beautiful recreation grounds arelike an oasis in the desert. Here you’ll find caravan parking withexcellent laundry and shower facilities.

Salmon Gum

The log in the main street car park is all thatremains of a historic salmon gum. You can see the enormous baseof the trunk in the garden near the loggia. Lasting for over 100years, it finally succumbed in 2009 and was lopped on advice froman arborist.

Skinflint Body Care

Skinflint Body Care in the main street is open by appointmentwith soap making demonstrations. Handmade skin care productsavailable for sale. Contact Megan 0427 297 712.

The Brownie Hut

The Brownie Hut, as it is known locallyis also a school site. Built in 1924, it hasbeen used as a school and a youth facility.

Chinocup Nature Reserve

Chinocup Nature Reserve is to theeast of the town, just off the main road.This area is a treasure trove of springwildflowers and unique marsupials such asthe black gloved wallabies and brushtailpossum.

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