Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern, Western Australia
Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern, Western Australia


Tambellup is located 325 km south east of Perth, in the heart of a mixed grain/sheep farming belt. The community of 670 people maintains strong links with its pioneering past, with descendants of some of the original settlers still living and farming in the district, and, in some cases, on the original farm selection.

Tambellup has an amazing pioneering past. The first people who came to Tambellup were sandalwood cutters. There was a strong demand for that product at the time, but you had to work hard to make a quid. After they cleared all the trees, they stayed to take up land and grow things.

Welcome to Tambellup - the 'Big Willy'When you've been driving for an hour past all those endless paddocks that stretch to the horizon, you can see that they managed to do that very, very well.

Tambellup also has strong links with Noongar culture and there are many significant sites in the area, especially around the Gordon River.

Each entry into town is guarded by a famous Tambellup 'Big Willy', made from local timbers and there to welcome people into town. The Willy Wagtail is the little bird with the big song and you'll see them everywhere in the area. The Willy Wagtail features in local Noongar culture as a cheeky, mischievous bird.



Tambellup - the old petrol stationThe Old Petrol Station
The first thing you should do when you reach Tambellup is pull into the old petrol station on Garrity Street (Great Southern Highway). This quaint old petrol station is situated right on the highway, where the attendants can help you out with your motoring needs. Now park somewhere and take a walk around.


The Tambellup Heritage Trail
This is a series of three inter-connecting trails that starts in the centre of town and takes in much of the history of the early settlement. Because much of the Noongar history of the area is centred on the Gordon River, the trail continues south of the town to the site of the former Aboriginal Reserve. To the north of the Town Loop, the trail runs upstream of the main bridge, across the river, where much of the social history of the European settler community occurred.


EchidnaPicnic spots
At the end of the walk you'll be feeling like something to eat and drink, so pop into the Tambellup Settlers Mart or the Tambellup Deli and pick up the ingredients for a picnic. Try the tranquil surrounds and black swans at the Gordon River Reserve, or perhaps Diprose Park, which has a children's play area, toilets and free barbecue facilities under the shade of magnificent gum trees.

Don't feel like picnicking? Well, try the Post Cafe for some scrumptious lunch's or coffee and cake or the Tambellup Hotel, which also serves meals, where you can get a blizzardly-cold drink. If you like the atmosphere of old country pubs, where people actually talk to each other, make sure you visit this one.


Community Mosaics
Representing Tambellup's strong sense of community, a collective effort from young and old put together this elaborate representation of Tambellup, displayed in a mosaic art form on the front of the Shire administration building. It depicts imagery of the Gordon River and its significance in Tambellup's history. Pavers set in the footpath, created by local schoolchildren, compliment the artwork.


Railway Platform
Top 2 Toe Beauty Station. Qualified beauty therapist Jill Savage will treat you to an aromatic, relaxation massage and all beauty pampering in soothing refurbished rooms at the Railway station. Open by appointment Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. Phone 0438 040 716

Threads On Line. A full range of haberdashery including pins, zips and scissors as well as all types of tread from sewing, embroidery or even candle wicking are all found here. They are open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am - 3pm. www.threadsonlinewa.com


Accommodation, Services and Other

Tambellup Caravan Park has powered sites and new, clean ablution facilities, located under shady pine trees near the sports oval. A perfect place to park and contemplate in peace and quiet on your travels down the Great Southern Highway. Washing machine and dryer is available for use. Please contact the Tambellup Shire Office on 9825 1002 for enquiries and bookings.

Garrity Street Bed & Breakfast Tambellup G&T Bed & Breakfast is a comfortably furnished, fully equipped 3 bedroom house for up to 6 people. The furnishing has been kept to the era that the house was built. Ph 98251182.

Tambellup Hotel Newly refurbished. Phone 9825 1010


Tambellup Telecentre and Library Open Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4pm. Services include; Tambellup Public Library, Computer and Internet Access, Digital Photo Booth, Medicare Easyclaim Booth, Westlink Facilities, Video Conferencing, Centrelink Self Service and Tourist Products. Located on Norrish St phone 9825 1177. www.tambellup.wa.tc or email tambelluptc@westnet.com.au

Bendigo Bank Tambellup and Cranbrook Community Bank is open Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 12.30 and 1.00pm - 4.00pm and Fridays 2.00pm - 5.00pm. Phone 9825 1333.

Tambellup G & T Motors Auto parts, mechanic and fuel. Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm, Saturday 8am - 11am. Phone 9825 1009.

Tambellup Health Centre Monday - Friday 9am - 11.30am and 1pm - 4pm. Phone 9825 1101.


Food & Drinks

Tambellup Deli
A great selection of takeaway foods and drinks, newspapers, magazines and tourist products.

Tambellup Hotel
Recently refurbished for you to enjoy a relaxing cold drink and meals. Accommodation available, with modest rates for bed and breakfast. A stylish, old style, two storey country hotel and lounge area with crackling log fire in cold winters.


For further information, please visit the Shire of Broomehill-Tambellup website or phone the Shire on 9825 3555.


Don't Miss...

Corner Shop Museum situated in the old Stationmaster's House, adjacent to the railway line on Norrish Street. Rooms have been re-created, using furniture and artifacts of by-gone years.

Artefacts of days gone by, Tambellup

Railway Water Tank - One of the few remaining links to the days when the Great Southern depended on steam trains.

Tambellup Railway Water Tank

Lake Toolbrunup and the Toolbrunup School - The school is now 100 years old, but the cricket pitch is still used on family picnics. With original blackboard and desks, the school is kept preserved by a team of dedicated locals.

Saggers Pool is a great picnic site, further up the river, where there was once an old boat shed and boat races used to be held.

Tambellup lakeside picnic


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