Borden was gazetted as a town in 1916. The name was proposedby the Secretary for Railways as the same of a siding on the thennew Tambellup-Ongerup Railway. It was named after the RightHonourable Sire Robert Laird Borden, the 8th Prime Minister ofCanada (1911-1920), although there is no record of why.

In the early years at the height ofthe sandalwood trade, Paper CollarCreek was a meeting point for thesandalwood cutters as they travelledbetween the hinterland and theport. When they headed to town, they would dress up their shirtswith collars made of paperbark to impress the ladies, and thendiscard the paper collar near the creek on the way back.

Sandalwood Road near the Amelup store is another reminder ofone of Western Australia’s first export industries. Amelup is nowknown for its CAUTION, NUDISTS CROSSING sign where gentlemencan create their own unique photo memento from the waist up bystanding behind the sign.

Borden continues to be the servicecentre for outlying farms. In the pastfew years the town has witnessedthe rapid expansion of the Cooperative Bulk Handling (CBH) bin intoa strategic receival point for grain from all over the region.

And as the closest town to the Stirling Range, the Borden areais ideally located to provide accommodation and other essentialservices for those wishing to explore this region.


Borden Gazebo BBQ Area

Offers a great place for a travel stop. Situated adjacent to the Borden General Store.

The Borden Pub

If you enjoy a great night out the Pub Bordenis the place for you. Open Monday –Saturday 3pm til late & Sunday 3pm -10pm for meals and drinks. Book a tablefor dinner in advance and receive freegarlic bread! Ph: 9828 1103

Nightwell Mineral Springs

Located 13km along NightwellRoad, south of Borden off Chester Pass Road. Legend has it thatit was called Nightwell because the water only flowed from theground at night time, never during the day.

Stirling Range National Park

Stirling Range National Park is where nature lovers come to see theabundance of flora and fauna or testthemselves hiking, abseiling and rockclimbing. It has some of the best mountainwalks in Western Australia, but walkersmust always carry water and be preparedfor sudden weather change as mountainmists, wind chill and rain can occur atany time. Light snow sometimes falls on the higher peaks duringwinter but it rarely lasts more than several hours. The walks onoffer include Bluff Knoll (1096m), Toolbrunup (1052m), EllenPeak (1012m), Mount Trio (856m), Mount Magog (856m), MountHassell (847m) and Talyuberlup Peak (783m).

The park is also home to an abundanceof wildlife including kangaroos andwallabies, emus, rare spiders, numbats,eagles, black and white cockatoos andnumerous other native birds. It is alsoone of the most outstanding botanicalreserves in Australia and is noted for its spectacular wildflowers,some of which are unique to the area and cannot be foundgrowing in their natural state anywhere else in the world. The
best time to view the wildflowers is during spring from August toNovember.

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Abseiling and Rock Climbing

Abseiling and rock climbing areboth permitted in the Stirling RangeNational Park.


For lovely easy walks,the Mabinup Creek Trail and the MabinupTrack are accessible from the Mt Trio BushCamping and Caravan Park. There are alsovarious other walk trails from 1.5 hrs to 2or 3 days throughout the Stirling Range.

Hidden Treasures Orchid Wildflower adn Bird Tours

15 August to 31 October, Hidden TreasuresWildflower and Orchid Tours leave theStirling Range Retreat daily at 9am (duration 3 hrs). Dusk andDawn Bird Walks (8am and 3pm) are held at the Retreat dailyby Birds Australia volunteers from mid September to 31 October(duration 1.5 hrs). Guided Nature Tours are available on request,if a guide is available, from November mid to August. For moreinformation please call 9827 9229 or visitthe website

Glenelg Quarters9827 9274
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Mt Trio Bush Camping and Caravan Park9827 9270
Stirling Range Retreat9827 9229
The Lily, guided windmill tours, wine and Spelt flour sales9827 9205
The Lodge & Guesthouse Borden9827 9234
Yardup Cottage9827 9209
Amelup Roadhouse, Takeaway only9827 9222
Bluff Knoll Cafe9827 9293
Borden General Store, Takeaway only9828 1045
The Lily Restaurant9827 9205
The Pub Borden9828 1103
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No fuel available in Borden
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Shire of Gnowangerup, Yongenup Rd Gnowangerup9827 1007