The name Ongerup is derived from ‘Yongerup’, a Noongar wordmeaning ‘place of the male kangaroo’. In 1910, the land wassurveyed into 1,000 acre blocks, and after the opening of theGnowangerup-Ongerup railway in 1913, settlement in the areagradually increased.


Malleefowl Preservation Group

Malleefowl are the onlymound building birds which inhabit arid and semi arid areas.They incubate their eggs notby sitting on them but bybuilding an incubator moundof soil and leaf litter. In daysgone by, Malleefowl were acommon sight in the Shire of Gnowangerup (Noongar for‘place of Malleefowl’) andthroughout the wheatbelt.

Due to loss of habitat andthe introduction of feralpredators, this mysteriousbird is now recognised asan endangered species. TheMalleefowl Preservation Group was founded in Ongerup to raiseawareness on the plight of this iconic species. Its office is locatedat Yongergnow. ph 08 9828 2007,



Yongergnow Australian Malleefowl Centre

This awardwinning centre for community, culture and conservation focuseson the conservation of the mallee and one of its most intriguinginhabitants: the endangered Malleefowl. Visitors have the rareopportunity to view this magnificent bird in a 1200m2 naturalhabitat aviary. Enjoy a snack at the café, journey back throughhistory in the centre’s world-class Fowl Play mallee exhibition orexplore the beautiful bush and wildflowers (in season) on one ofthe centres walk trails. Yongernow is a Bendigo Bank Southern Art& Craft Trail Venue. Local products & souvenirs are available, as isbarista style coffee & lighthomemade refreshmentsfrom the café.

Yongergnow is openon Mon, Wed, Thu 9amto 4pm, Sat, Sun 10amto 4pm, and closed onTuesdays, Fridays, 24, 25 & 26 December and New Year’s Day. ph:08 9828 2325 email:,

Picnic Spots

Ongerup has The Ongerup Shearer & two verypleasant picnic spots. Apex Park on Eldridge Street has a shadybush area with chairs and a table and is close to the general store.

Weir Park has undercover BBQ and playground equipment. TheOngerup street sculptures are located on Eldridge Street and areunusual pieces of metalwork created by scrap metal and old piecesof machinery.

Ongerup Public Hall and Centenary Gardens

The Hallwas built in 1953. The foyer, library and meeting room were addedin 1968. Come and sit outside on the Centennial Wall and enjoythe beautiful rose garden.

Don't Miss

Ongerup Wildflower Display

A must for wildflower lovers!The annual botanical event is held during late September andearly October at the Ongerup/Needilup District Museum. View400 to 500 specimens of stunning local wildflowers and orchids.Photographers are welcome. Please contact Vicki O’Neill on9828 2282 for more details.

Yongernow - Ongerup Community Resource Centre

Come and see the friendly staff for all your photocopying, desktoppublishing, computer and internet requirements. The CRC is yourcontact for Medicare and Centrelink. It organises the annualMother’s Day Bonanza , the annual pre-harvest breakfast andpublishes the weekly newsletter The Grapevine. The CRC is housedat Yongergnow and has the same opening hours. ph 9828 2325,email

Ongerup/Needilup District Museum

Constructed in 1918 as railwaybarracks, the building becameobsolete when the railway service was suspended in1957. It now houses theOngerup/Needilup DistrictMuseum. It has been setup to reflect the earlysettlers’ lifestyle, withthe primitive machinerythey relied upon as wellas household appliances and a natural display. The museum alsohas an Aboriginal and early settler food and medicine display aswell as a replica Malleefowl mound. Open any time on request bycontacting either Vicki O’Neill on 9828 2282 or 0428 282 282.

Curlew Creek B&B9828 2106
Ongerup Duplex9828 2082
Ongerup Gardens Caravan Park0406 689 212
Ongerup Hotel9828 2001
Tarbunkenup Homestead9828 2090
Ongerup Hotel9828 2001
Ongerup Roadhouse9828 2043
Yongergnow Café, group bookings essential9828 2325
Shire DetailsTelephone
Shire of Gnowangerup, Yougenup Rd Gnowangerup9827 1007