The town of Woodanilling was first gazetted in 1892, not far fromthe watering hole called Round Pool.

Woodanilling got its name froma spring in the nearby Boyerine Creek. Woodanilling is a NoongarAboriginal word meaning place of little fishes.

The very first settlers came to the area looking for pastures on whichto graze their sheep. Later, cutters poured into the district anddecimated the sandalwood tree population.

In 1904 the railway station was the freight leader for the region,transporting mallet bark, sandalwood, grain, wool and goods for thelocal shops and businesses on the big old steam trains.

In the early 1900s, 800 people lived in the Shire, and the townsiteboasted general stores, a hotel, banks, a hospital, a road board office,a post office, a bakery, a blacksmith’s shop and brickworks. Today thepopulation is on the increase again and stands at about 420 people.


Historic Drive Trail

Take yourself on a discovery drive byfollowing the Woodanilling Pioneer Heritage Trail. Large rockswith information plaques are dotted all over the Shire. Drive trailbrochures are available from the Woodanilling General Store andthe Shire council offices.

Woodanilling General Store & Post Office

Right in the centre oftown the Woodanilling General Storehas everything you need from fuelto snacks, even stamps for your postcards. Give them a call to find out opening hours (08) 9823 1523.

Woodanilling Heritage Walk

Opened in 2008, theWoodanilling Heritage Walk consists of 13 panels on a short walkaround the townsite. There are old black and white photos on eachpanel together with all sorts of stories about our people and places.Heritage Walk colour guides areavailable at the Shire council offices.

Kenmare Hall

Weddings, meetingsand other social functions were heldat the Kenmare Hall, located 15kmwest of Woodanilling town. Many ahusband and wife have been pickedout at dances here! The back sectionwas used as a school from 1921 to1944.

Woodanilling Tavern

Whenyou get to town, it’s probably a goodidea to drop into the WoodanillingTavern for a drink and a chat withsome of the friendly locals. A few'ghostly' stories haunt the history ofthis beautiful two-storey pub whichis just over 100 years old.

Woodanilling Baptist Church

Renowned for travellingaround the Great Southern on his push bike, the late ReverendWilliam Kennedy instigated the building of many churches in theregion including the one in the Woodanilling townsite with itscolourful stained-glass windows. Stone used to build the churchwas taken from a hill between Woodanilling and Boyerine to thenorth. Building work was completed in 1908 with the help of locallabour.

Although the church has been decommissioned, the churchcan still be used with special permission form the Shire. The visitor’sbook is an interesting read and we would love you to enrich it withyour own comments.

Don't Miss

Centenary Park & Prime Ministers' Walk

This is a greatplace to stop for a picnic with the kids. The park has a skateboardarea, shaded playground equipment, free barbecue facilities, tableswith benches, and large toilets. It’s smoke-free and has a safetyfence all around.

Martup Pool

A tranquil picnic spot located on the AlbanyHighway, north of the Beaufort River Roadhouse. Appreciate thenatural beauty of the water surrounded by paperbark trees.


Come and have a ball withyour mates, sporting group or family onone of the three huge paintball fields,playing a variety of games. Catering forgroups of 10 – 18 people. Why not make a booking next timeyou’re in Woodanilling. Open 7 days 9823 1067 or 0427 982 310

Target Woodanilling for an Archery Experience

Hitting the bullseye may be easier than you thinkunder the expert tuition of State andNational coach / judge Keith Schurmann.No experience necessary it’s for anyonebetween the ages 9 to 90 years. There’seven archery golf!

Situated right on theGreat Southern Highway to the north sideof the Woodanilling townsite. Open by appointment call 08 98231196 or 0407 389 792.

Queerearrup Lake

You will find this salt lake about 30 kms westof the Woodanilling townsite. In years of good rainfall, the localshead out to Queerearrup Lake with boats, water skis and canoes. Avariety of birds visit during the year including black swans. There’s abarbecue and new toilets.

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Woodanilling Tavern9823 1508
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